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manifold is a super-duper-gee-whiz-bang replacement for tee(1). As the name implies, you can direct it's output to multiple files (and do other things besides).


Have a bunch of old CP/M .LBR files hanging around? This is just the thing to read the suckers. You'll probably also want:


To unsqueeze things.


This is Iwasa Kazmi's nifty cdparanoia-based audio CD plugin for xmms. I'm keeping a copy here since the original link at xmms.org seems to be broken. Note that the package was extracted from a Mandrake source RPM and converted from bzip2 to gzip, so it may not match the original exactly.

Update: xmms.org now points to a valid URL. Interestingly, the version available there apparently came from here, so the original may be presumed bitbucketed...

Russian days of the week

Have a Slava watch and don't know what day it is? This is just what the doctor ordered.

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